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Unbeatable Duos: Sizzling Steaks and Sensational Wines

Oh, the sheer joy that a perfect pairing of steak and red wine can bring! It's like the stars align in culinary heaven, offering a symphony of flavours that dance joyously on your palate. So, let's delve deep into this delightful indulgence, matching succulent steaks with the elegance and complexity of wines. It's time to elevate your steak dinner from mere meals to a cherished experience!

The Classic Encounter: Steak and Red Wine

Just picture this: a sun-dappled afternoon transforming into a breezy evening, with the intoxicating aroma of grilling steak wafting through the air, all while a bottle of red wine gracefully awaits to play its part in this gastronomic ballet. Yes, this is the classic "meat-cute" you've been waiting for!

Steak and red wine are a match made in heaven, especially when the wine is as well-crafted and matured as our selections at Maison Blue. The symphony of flavours released with each bite of a well-marinated steak beautifully harmonizes with the rich, velvety textures and notes of our wines. It's the culinary concert everyone eagerly awaits, and you're the maestro orchestrating this delightful melody!

Steak with Red Wine

Your Steak Guide to Wine Nirvana

Fillet: Lean, tender, and exquisite, the fillet is your quintessential introduction to fine dining. Pair this with a bottle of Shiraz, letting the delicate textures and flavours sing a melodious duet on your taste buds.

Sirloin: Ah, the robust sirloin, offering a hearty and robust flavour that calls for a wine with a bit of a backbone! A rich Cabernet Sauvignon could be the perfect accompaniment, offering a balanced interplay between flavour and structure.

Rib-eye: Celebrate the rich, fatty goodness of a rib-eye with wines that offer a little acidity and spiciness, like a spirited Rioja or a bold Priorat from our collection. Trust us, it's a celebration in your mouth with every bite and sip!

T-Bone: The T-Bone is a hearty steak that demands a hearty wine. Reach for a bottle of Merlot to create a powerful, flavour-packed dining experience that will leave you craving more!

steak and red wine

DIY: Your Steakhouse at Home

Transform your home into a gourmet paradise with our special recipe: "Fillet Steak with Red Wine Gravy," promising a culinary journey that tantalizes your taste buds while giving a delightful nod to the Maison Blue wines in your collection. Unveil your inner chef and get ready to whip up a storm in the kitchen with this easy-to-follow recipe, with a dash of fun and a splash of our exceptional wine.

Follow the above recipe, but add a hint at the end:

To give this delightful dish an extra notch of elegance, we suggest pairing it with a bottle of our luxurious Maison Eros McLaren Vale Shiraz. Its rich notes and matured aromas accentuate the savoury nuances of the steak, promising an unforgettable dining experience right at home!

Fillet Steak with Red Wine Gravy

So, what are you waiting for? Let's create dining magic with steaks and wines. Cheers to delightful pairings and unforgettable summer evenings!


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