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The Rising Popularity of Ready to Drink Alcohol in Australia

Picture this: You’re at a picnic or a rooftop gathering, the weather is delightful, and all you desire is a refreshing cocktail to complete the scene. Only problem? No bartender in sight, and let’s be honest, you’re not exactly a mixologist. Enter, Ready to Drink (RTD) alcohol – the saviour of such situations. It's pre-mixed, it’s convenient, and it’s shifting the paradigm of alcoholic consumption, one can at a time.

Brought into existence in the 1990s, RTD drinks initially housed traditional liquors like whisky, vodka, and rum. However, the beverage landscape has evolved significantly. Now, everything from wine to craft cocktails comes in a can. This shift, driven by the global pandemic, has enabled RTD alcohol to emerge as the superhero of social gatherings in Australia, offering safety and convenience to its consumers.

The need for COVID-safe practices has amplified the demand for single-serve, sealed drinks. RTDs provide a sense of security that free-pour beverages lack. Combining that with their space-saving efficiency and recyclability, RTD drinks may well be the recipe for success in the modern Australian beverage industry.

It’s no surprise then, that this category is experiencing a surge in popularity. According to IWSR, the global sales of canned cocktails are growing at an annual compounded rate of 21%. This isn't your typical canned booze of the past. Today's canned cocktails focus on premium ingredients and promote a sense of wellness. Think of drinks that taste good and are better for you.

What's captivating about this modern-day reinvention is the inclusion of authentic flavours and local ingredients. Covering elements like Australian native botanicals, quality locally made spirits, and innovative mixes, these canned cocktails cater to the Australian palate while being better for you. The new-age canned cocktail is more than just a drink; it's a harmonious blend of convenience and quality.

grape and lime ready to drink cocktail

According to Play Market Research, this format largely appeals to younger consumers, associating RTDs with convenience, innovation, and suitability for their lifestyle. For this crowd, a tasty juice blend is more than a drink - it's a lifestyle accessory. The fresh taste of a Fruit Tingle Cocktail, the tropical flavour of a Fruit Punch Cocktail, or the balanced blend in a premix - all these make RTD drinks a natural fit for the active Australian way of life.

As Melkon Kosovan of Greenbar Distillery puts it, “Canned cocktails are here to stay because they meet a huge need.” Indeed, an RTD cocktail comes in handy when your favourite bartender isn’t around, and you don’t want to make it yourself.

drink anytime any where

In conclusion, the RTD alcohol scene in Australia is booming. Its refreshing taste and rich flavours offer a captivating blend of practicality, safety, and quality. So, next time you find yourself in the middle of an impromptu celebration, reach out for that can of ready-to-drink goodness and say cheers to convenience!

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