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How to choose a wine that you can drink even while pregnant?

Pregnancy is often an exciting experience for new mothers; a time to enjoy and value every moment that the new experience of pregnancy brings. However, pregnancy is not a joyful journey 100% of the time and at the same time it comes with restrictions- alcohol is high on the restriction list. While it’s true that healthcare experts don’t consider alcohol consumption to be safe at any point during pregnancy, if you’re missing the taste of your favourite alcoholic beverage or if you’re looking for a way to not feel left out while everyone else is drinking, the non-alcoholic drink is the perfect choice.


How the alcohol-free wine made?

You may want to know how alcohol-free wine is made, and how this process differs from that of alcoholic wine. While many "alcohol-free" wines are simply sweet fruit juices marketed as wine, authentic alcohol-free wines go through the complete vinification process before being dealcoholized. The most popular method: The entirely vinified wine goes through a vacuum distillation process that heats the wine to around 35 degrees Celsius, enabling the alcohol to evaporate without losing its taste or cooking the wine. The result is a true-to-taste wine that holds flavour and structure, but no alcohol.

How to choose an alcohol-free pregnant wine?

When you make your trip to the store to grab a bottle of wine labelled “non-alcoholic,” you may see the following several labels. There are some drinks labelled as “non-alcoholic” that contain a small amount of alcohol. And remember, no amount of alcohol is considered safe during pregnancy, so it’s important to read all labels closely to see exactly the alcohol by volume in every drink.

  • Non-Alcoholic: This is the label you’ll see the most often, and it’s also the one to pay the most attention to when trying to avoid alcohol. Technically, drinks only need to have 0.5% ABV or less to legally qualify as “non-alcoholic”…but half a cent isn’t zero, so the label is misleading.

  • Alcohol-Removed: These drinks begin as either regular alcoholic beverages at some point during production, the alcohol is removed via filtration or chemical process to end up with a non-alcoholic version. The important thing to note about this label is that the alcohol can never be completely removed from these products, so they can sometimes have higher than 0.5% ABV.

  • Alcohol-Free: Sometimes labelled as “0.0%” products, these drinks have no detectable amounts of alcohol. That doesn’t necessarily mean there’s absolutely zero alcohol in them, but the amount is so minimal that it doesn’t even show up in lab analysis.

pregnant drink

It’s never safe to consume any amount of alcohol during pregnancy. But, if you follow the above label instructions and choose to indulge in a non-alcoholic pregnant wine. There is no reason that you to feel lonely and alienating at the party because cannot drink. So open a bottle of alcohol-free wine and raise a glass with your friends. You’ll maintain your glow and remember the whole night. And when you’re ready to go home and get some rest you can drive and not worry about a thing. Win!

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